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André HuynenBusiness Administration degree holder since 2000 (from HEC Liège), I continuously developed my marketing, sales and management skills through several ongoing positions, which I had the pleasure to be active in at Compaq, HP, Microsoft, Aurelium, Awingu, Computerland, and Ingram Micro.

I have always been active in the market segment of SMB companies (1 to 250 persons) and my increasing admiration and growing inspiration for entrepreneurs and SMB companies has been increasing year after year.

Presently, my main objective is to help them to develop their activities and to “boost their business”. I strongly believe in the Arabic proverb saying “The one who really wants to achieve something finds a way. The one who does not want it finds an excuse”. This is why I put all my energy, my expertise and my network in personalised marketing, sales and management consulting services tailored for ambitious SMB companies and entrepreneurs.

More information about my background and past experiences can be found on my LinkedIn profile.